Your Netobook goes with you wherever you go

Thanks to its rigid aluminum covers your Netobook is safe and protected while going with you in your suitcase on a business trip, in your backpack on an adventurous road trip to the other side of the world, in a handbag in your day-to-day life, …

Your precious notes well protected for years

In the heat or in the rain, in extreme harsh conditions, your Netobook covers will remain intact and leave your precious notes well protected for many years. Wherever you go, whatever you do, whomever you are, there is a Netobook for you.

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How are Netobook disc-bound paper notebooks made? – A glance behind the scenes

Are you curious to know how our Netobook disc-bound paper notebook is made? Creating our handmade notebook takes a lot of preparation, planning and logistics, all to assure you a qualitative finished product and fast delivery times, without forgetting our environment. Keep on reading to discover more about the process behind the scenes! The importance [...]