Unique, just like you

Thanks to its uniquely designed aluminum covers there is no single Netobook which resembles the one of your colleague, friend or neighbor. When ordering your Netobook choose for a personalized version and make it your 100% unique disc-bound notebook.

Or you love to offer something unique to beloved ones?

Isn’t it fun to come up with a unique gift for your family members, friends, colleagues? Something they haven’t seen before and which is personalized? Choose for the elegant, personalized Netobook gift box, surprise guaranteed!

Which personalizations are possible?

Our philosophy is ‘the sky is the limit’. Firstly, you get to choose between different colors of covers, discs and elastic bands. Secondly, opt for a high-quality UV print and add a name, a logo, a picture, a quote or a combination of those… in other words: Anything you like! Other alternatives for larger orders are engraving and even embossing… Be creative! At Netobook we love to provide you with something out-of-the-box, elegant, different and unique. Contact our customer support for your craziest requests.

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