Netobook Select Alu Edition (A4)

The Netobook Select Aluminum Editions are synonym of versatility, robustness, elegance and quality as well as uniqueness.

The Select Editions are disc-bound notebooks with aluminum covers (protected by a clear scratch resistant coating) with aluminum anodized discs (7 for the A5 version, 9 for the A4 version). It comes along with 72 sheets of high quality paper (90gr) of your choice (lines, 5×5 squares, blank).

As opposed to the Netobook Essential Edition, the Netobook Select Editions also offer an extra finishing touch with a colour elastic band which keeps your paper notebook nicely closed while on the move and an envelope to store some of your documents.

The Netobook Select Editions are available in 5 different colours: aluminum but also black, blue, red and white.

They can be personalized with different discs and elastic bands colours and with a UV print. Engraving and embossing are also possible upon request.

♥ Aluminum front and back covers (protected by a clear scratch resistant coating)

♥ 9 ANODIZED discs for the A4 version (210mm x 297mm)

♥ 72 sheets (lines, 5×5 squares or blank) of 90gr quality paper

♥ an elastic band

♥ an envelope

Colour of the covers: aluminum

Colours of the discs/elastic band: aluminum/grey


Start personalizing!