Move & Refill

Versatility is your best friend when on the move

Netobook is a disc-bound refillable notebook, disc-bound making the whole difference! The ingenious disc system enables you to move, add and remove pages at any time and as many times as you want. It allows you to gain in efficiency, in weight, and not unimportantly: in cost.

Only carry minimum weight and treat your back

Disc-bound notebooks largely beat traditional notebooks (spirals, glue,…) in versatility by allowing you to keep your notes by topic, project, date, customer, rearranging them over and over again. On a daily basis from now on you carry or take with you only one notebook and rearrange your notes as you see fit.

Save money by refilling with your favorite paper type

No matter how much you write, draft or scribble, we have got you covered. Paper refills are available with different patterns: blank, lines or 5×5 squares. After 3 refills, your Netobook becomes the cheapest option on the disc-bound paper notebook market. Thanks to its rigid aluminum covers, your Netbook will far outlast 3 refills and any other notebook you have ever had.

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