Living your life at 100km an hour

You want to enjoy life and not to have to worry about your notebook? You dream of carrying your notebook with you in your handbag, backpack, suitcase and have never been able to because when taking it out it is stained, folded or worse? Thanks to Netobook’s robust, shock-resistant aluminum covers, your notes remain intact and clean. The covers protect your notes in many harsh conditions. At work or on leisure, your Netobook is the ideal companion.

Choose for cost-efficiency and environmentally friendly

Netobook’s long lasting covers and discs, together with its refill system, make it one of the most efficient notebook options on the market. No need to replace your notebook on a regular basis and throw away plastic covers and discs to add to the world’s plastic soup. With Netobook you save money and make a clear statement that, just as we do, you care for the environment by reducing unnecessary waste.

Want to know more?

How are Netobook disc-bound paper notebooks made? – A glance behind the scenes

Are you curious to know how our Netobook disc-bound paper notebook is made? Creating our handmade notebook takes a lot of preparation, planning and logistics, all to assure you a qualitative finished product and fast delivery times, without forgetting our environment. Keep on reading to discover more about the process behind the scenes! The importance [...]