360° Freedom

A combination of materials never seen before

The Netobook is made of an aluminum sandwich panel which is the result of years of research. The unique combination of aluminum sandwich panel with aluminum discs offers unique assets: rigidity, elegance, versatility, ergonomics, durability,… and 360° freedom!

For your efficiency and pleasure, at all times

The 360° rotation disc system together with the aluminum hard covers allow you to take notes anywhere and under any circumstances. No need to have a support to write, draw or scribble. The rigid covers give you the opportunity to do so while writing both on the left and on the right pages. This unique feature of disc-bound notebook makes it perfectly suited for both left handed and right handed people.

Who is Netobook made for?

You are travelling extensively, attending many meetings, in need to take notes on the move, a notetaker, in any situation, a creative designer or illustrator, a lover of beautiful objects… No doubt the Netobook is made especially for you by hand!

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